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I really wonder if someone wants to take a part in my little contest?

I have the DreamTeamTARDIS - Ninth Doctor, Susan Foreman, Tegan Jovanka, Fitz Kreiner, Donna Noble - and I would be eternally happy to get some works with them!

If you wanna take a part, then:


You can use any combination of these characters (but not less than two of them in one work) - drawings, good photo collages, fanfiction (1-2 page drabble is enough - on English or Russian:))). The number of works from one author is NOT limited!

The contest will ends, when i collect works from nine different authors!

There will be three prize-winning places, and the winners will receive from me:

1. Full-color picture with 2 characters (any, on your choice)
2. Color sketch with 2 characters (any, on your choice)
3. Monochrome sketch with 2 characters(any, on your choice)
If among the winners will be some 
ficwriters, they will receive a small illustrations to their works as bonus!


P.S. Reblog is fantastic!

I’m so tired and decided to redraw my old sketch with Eighth and Sam Jones - i’m currently read The Bodysnatchers and little by little starting to like Sam and desperately wanting to have more arts with Doctor and Sam:)) Qiuckly and rough, but i lke the result (and anyway, i have no vigor to color this or just draw this properly:))))

alyona11 спросил(a):

7, 9, 17, 25 and 30

Lol, that’s funny:D

7. I wrote to pattroughton about Zel and Amelia, but i don’t like to give the same answers, so - Tegan and the Doctor (not only Fivey)))))

9. Кататься на маршрутках в сильный дождь:D 

Seriosly - I like to think. To think what I will do tomorrow, to think what and how I’ll draw, to think about the things of which no one will ever know:)

17. The Eight DoctorsXD

25. *looking at own list of audios* Florence and the Machine :)))

30. Well, I’m not fond of the works of recognized artists-classics, and practically do not follow modern artists…But i suppose, it’s might be Ravietta - I love her animations, and they inspire me to create them too:))

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